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About Us

Little Feet Childcare was established in 1995.  In January 2013 new owners Gary and Denise Horton took over the center and gave the place a makeover! Little Feet Childcare is where love and learning come together.  The center provides an affordable option for the quality care of children and their families.  The trained and attentive staff sees to it that your child will learn in a safe nurturing environment.

Publicly funded child daycare assistance is accepted. 

The center also participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, which assists the center in providing nutritional meals.

Our Philosophy...


Here at Little Feet we feel that children experience the most genuine learning while they are having fun.  We find that Theme Teaching keeps things different and exciting, which keeps motivation levels high.  Each weekly theme has an academic standard attached to it.  These standards are taken from the Ohio Department of Education Early Content Standards as well as from the Kindergarten Readiness exam.  The entire center follows the same curriculum, but the teachers adjust it to fit their classroom developmental level.  We strive for our children to achieve goals by encouraging independence, respect, and responsibility while in a safe environment.

Upcoming Events:

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